Your Body is Your Temple

Your body is your temple. I don’t mean this in the Biblical sense. However, you can go with the Biblical meaning, if you’d like. Its one of the few things in the Bible that isn’t debatable. After all, you only get one.  Yes, science has allowed us to order replacement parts. It has also allowed us to cure many of the things that used to kill us. But the fact remains you only get one body.  It is for this reason that we must take care of the one we’ve got.

I try to exercise at least two days a week.  Sometimes I exceed this, most times, I don’t. Sometimes I fail, miserably, and don’t burn a single calorie through exercise. I don’t workout because I enjoy it.  In fact, I actually HATE working out.  I hate it with a passion! There are a couple of reasons why I workout. One reason is that I like to eat and I want to do so without weighing 5,000 lbs. All the old Discovery Health Channel shows on obesity fascinate me. I’ve joked that those shows were my diet plan. Just watching them will make you want to NEVER be in that position.  How humiliating it must be to have a wall removed from your home and have a crane or forklift come to your home to hoist you out of the hole in the house? I also workout because I know I should. Research tells us that watching what we eat and getting out to exercise, even if its just walking helps us to lead longer, healthier lives. Also, I’ve inherited the traits for some pretty ugly diseases that are linked to, or exacerbated by, obesity. Therefore, I’m trying to outrun heredity for as long as I can.

A few weeks ago, I met a woman who seemed to be young and healthy. After talking to her for a while, I discovered that she had recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Her diagnosis came about as a result of trip to the emergency room when she wasn’t feeling well. A check of her blood sugar levels revealed that her diet, and perhaps lack of exercise, had resulted in an extreme spike in her blood sugar levels that left her hospitalized for days. She’s the third young person I know to have had this sort of scare.

Most times, our bodies will tell us when it’s time for us to make changes. We get headaches, joint aches, we become nauseous, we have trouble breathing or we just don’t feel well. Other times, we don’t get any warnings at all.  I know plenty of people who either ignore their symptoms or excuse their poor diet and exercise habits by saying, “I don’t need to be skinny.”  It’s not about being skinny.  It’s about being healthy. I’ve had others say to me, “All of my vitals are good. I don’t have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. So I’m fine.” They’re right.  They are fine . . . right now.

When you’re carrying excess weight, when you’re eating any and everything that crosses your path, when you’re leading a sedentary lifestyle, you’re a ticking time bomb. It might not be today, or tomorrow or even next month, but the lifestyle will eventually catch up to you. If you’re lucky, it will catch up to you in the form of symptoms rather than sudden death. It’s happened.  I’ve seen it. Do me a favor and try not to be next.

How Men Love

I’m watching “Marrying The Game” on VH1. Judge me. A friend of the fiancé just said “You’re expecting Jayceon to love you the way you want to be loved versus accepting that he’s loving you the way he knows how.” The fiancé replied, “He thinks providing is loving.” The friend responded, “Most men do.”

The friend is absolutely right. I’ve had a similar conversation with my own girlfriends but from a slightly different perspective. I believe that all men need to be needed. The disconnect between men and women comes when women fail to realize that men don’t view needs the same way we do. Most men view being needed in financial terms. If they are providing for you financially, they believe they’re doing everything they need to do to maintain a healthy relationship. Conversely, they feel completely inadequate if they can’t provide financial support. What many men fail to realize is that a lot of us don’t need our bills paid. We need someone to slay the dragons!.

Another disconnect: men aren’t the best communicators. To compound that issue, women often talk a lot but say a bunch of nothing. Neither of these traits are conducive to effective communication or problem solving. So men never get the point that “yeah, the money is nice, but I have other needs too.” And women never clearly distinguish the real needs from the noise.

Maybe men really are from Mars and women really are from Venus.

The Tech-Cation

For the last few years, I’ve taken an annual “tech-cation.” The tech-cation is a vacation from technology, an unplugging, if you will.  During this tech-cation, I unplug from technology that isn’t specifically related to work. I cut out TV, internet, email, texts, computer . . . everything.  The only exceptions are music (which I only have on an iPod these days) and phone calls. I will allow myself 15 minutes of “news”  (TV or Internet) although many days I skip it because news tends to lean toward the TMZ-friendly story than anything Peter Jennings would’ve reported.

I use the tech-cation as a time to detach myself from a screen and try to get back to a simpler life.  A life where I wasn’t required to respond to everything RIGHT NOW. I miss being unavailable. I miss not finding out non-news until days later. Even when I avoid social media, I am still bombarded with celebrity news. It’s almost as if journalists have been replaced by bloggers.  Photo journalists have been replaced by paparazzi. And actual news, things that matter, end up at the bottom of the news feed while some Hollywood toss up’s baby is front and center. (Yes, I said “toss up” and I’m not deleting i!). My tech-cations are used catching up on my reading, practicing the guitar, making jewelry, writing, all of the things that I really enjoy but never really have time to do.

This year’s tech-cation will be a bit more difficult.  Most of my books are now on an electronic device. I don’t enjoy buying books anymore because 80% of the things I read, I don’t ever need to read again.  I don’t need to keep them for reference, and I don’t want them cluttering my shelves.  I guess I’ll buy a few books and donate them when I’m done.

Normally the tech-cation lasts a week, or so.  This year I may extend it for a bit.  Maybe I’ll just stay unplugged until I feel like coming back online. My hope is always that when the tech-cation is over, that I’ll no longer feel the need to be so connected.  But it’s addictive! Two days after the tech-cation is over, I’m right back at like I never left. My hope is that by extending the tech-cation, I won’t feel the need re-connect in the same way. I am adding a new exception to the tech-cation.  I will allow myself to post blogs.  I can use my laptop to type my blogs, while disconnected from the internet, and upload to my site.  I won’t be reading or responding to comments. I will be only be posting. I may post daily to share details of the tech-cation, but I may not. We’ll just see how it goes.

The tech-cation usually starts in October. But I’m feeling the need to disconnect sooner than that.  I may start after the holiday . . . provided I can wait that long.