3 thoughts on “Chrissy on the Web

  1. I was sitting her elistening to Elton John’s “Rocket Man” and I thought of you and your grand adventure. So I decided to write a few lines (this is just some rough lines), anyway be safe. I am proud to see you chase your dreams, some of us can’t but we still root for one of the good guys (like you) when they chase their own star !!!

    Escapades of the mind give way to the goals of her heart
    She hurtles through our memory at top speed but slow enough to leave the mark of a memory
    See I know a Queen who’s kingdom is all she surveys
    I know this sister who is sovereign over all she speaks she seeks doors to openings in her heart where others would never dare venture
    Where others would only dare to stare at her next adventure
    Where others would only compare themselves to her but comparisons are for naught
    Her path is blazed through the stars
    Her kingdom exists where her imagination roams
    Her cradle of civilization is the motor city
    If she was a car she would be a limited edition built for speed, made for comfort, hugging the road like stars do the canvas of space
    But she is a Queen with Betty Davis eyes and the class of royalty monarchs strive to equate
    This lady is that lady who others talk about and envy
    Her science is life, her math is living, her architecture is life
    And she is my friend


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