The Tour Guide & The Local (Part 2)

Last weekend, as I was walking back from the coffee shop, I was stopped by a couple seeking directions. It was immediately clear that they spoke very little English. What was also clear was that he was being “forced” by his wife to finally ask for directions. Sidebar: I find it fascinating that this phenomenon appears to transcend country of origin or native tongue. Why is it that men refuse to ask for directions?! But I digress. Continue reading

The Tour Guide & The Local (Part 1)

I spent this past weekend being a tour guide of sorts to an out of town guest. He’s only been to Chicago once before, on business, so I tried to make sure he got to enjoy the city like a local this time around. It’s sometimes easy to forget what a great city Chicago really is. When you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, you often overlook the history and sheer beauty of this town. It’s not until you find yourself pointing out landmarks and answering questions that you remember “My city ROCKS!!!” Continue reading

Why I Decided to Quit My Job to Move to Europe (La Première Partie)

Let me just start out with a couple of housekeeping items. Firstly, I’m using the word “move” pretty loosely. I’ll explain that more later. Secondly, this blog entry likely won’t give you all the details you think it might. Perhaps I’ll write the entire story at some point during or after this journey. Now that that’s taken care of, let’s get started.

Over the years I’ve often thought about…

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