Summer ‘19

I feel like I missed most of the summer of 2018. I worked a LOT. When I wasn’t working, I was running errands, pretending to catch up on rest or trying to find the time and energy to connect with friends. My first real taste of summer didn’t come until mid-August when I packed up and left for Belize. This year, I vowed to do better. I succeeded! I managed to fit in 8 trips to 3 countries, 4 states and 6 cities. I plan to spend fall combing through, and cataloging, the 20,000 pictures on my phone and the 15,000 stored on my hard drive so that I can finally start putting together my coffee table travel book. Here’s a look back at my summer.

Why I Decided to Quit My Job to Move to Europe (La Première Partie)

Let me just start out with a couple of housekeeping items. Firstly, I’m using the word “move” pretty loosely. I’ll explain that more later. Secondly, this blog entry likely won’t give you all the details you think it might. Perhaps I’ll write the entire story at some point during or after this journey. Now that that’s taken care of, let’s get started.

Over the years I’ve often thought about…

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