Jaywalking Abroad

To Jaywalk or not to Jaywalk? That is the question!

The answer to that question should probably be a resounding “NO!” But I’ve got to say that, for me, it may or may not depend on the city. I say “may or may not” because I’m a law abiding citizen who would never (admit that I might) break any law in any land, no matter how ‘minor’ the offense.
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A Tale of Two Cities: Paris vs Zurich

I left Paris on a Thursday headed for Zurich, Switzerland. One of the first things I noticed when I arrived in Zurich is that it appears to be a very honest and trusting city. After leaving the airport I headed for the Tram station to go to my hotel in Old Town. Once at the station I realized that I had purchased a, more expensive, ticket for the Train instead of the Tram. Continue reading

Life As.a Traveler Shouldn’t Be So Rough!!

Soooo, thanks to “________ Tours” my European adventure was briefly interrupted. Don’t worry, I’ve sent them a strongly worded, four page, ChrissyGram and as soon as the matter has been resolved, I’ll be telling that tale!! This company is to be avoided, unless of course you happen to enjoy paying to be tortured. But I digress. Continue reading