Jaywalking Abroad

To Jaywalk or not to Jaywalk? That is the question!

The answer to that question should probably be a resounding “NO!” But I’ve got to say that, for me, it may or may not depend on the city. I say “may or may not” because I’m a law abiding citizen who would never (admit that I might) break any law in any land, no matter how ‘minor’ the offense.
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A Tale of Two Cities: Paris vs Zurich

I left Paris on a Thursday headed for Zurich, Switzerland. One of the first things I noticed when I arrived in Zurich is that it appears to be a very honest and trusting city. After leaving the airport I headed for the Tram station to go to my hotel in Old Town. Once at the station I realized that I had purchased a, more expensive, ticket for the Train instead of the Tram. Continue reading

(Link Fixed) The People You Meet Series: #2

NOTE: I posted this earlier. I even went to the site, outside of the app, and confirmed that it posted. The link posted on Facebook but somehow it disappeared. I guess this is what happens when you’re dealing with sketchy wi-fi & SIM Cards while traveling between countries. From now on, I’ll try to only post when I have a solid signal. Thanks for your patience!!

During my time in Paris I met a young girl from New Jersey who lives in the Caribbean and is in Paris studying at Le Cordon Bleu. She’s traveled the world and was able to give me some great recommendations for places to go and great tips on how to do it inexpensively. She’s the type of young girl that, on some level, I wished I’d been.

I often tell people that I wish I’d traveled more when I was younger, when I was still poor and didn’t have all these lofty travel standards. When you’re a poor college student, or fresh out of college and still poor, you stay wherever you can afford even if it means that you and your best friend end up in some Days Inn in downtown Charlotte, NC that looks more like a roach motel than a hotel for humans. True Story. We arrived after working a ten hour day and driving half the night from Detroit (her) and Clevelend (where she picked me up). Why? She called me at work that Monday and said,

“Teena Marie is gonna be at the Tom Joyner Sky Show in Charlotte!!! Too bad we can’t go.”

Me: “Why can’t we?”

And off we went that Thursday afternoon. Our room was awful! We napped for three hours with the lights on for fear that critters would appear if we allowed the room to go dark. We awoke and took the fastest showers ever in the barely clean bathroom then raced out the door to get in line for the show. As long and tiring as the drive was, as bad as the room was, we didn’t really care because it was about the experience and not the accommodations.

I admire the fact that this young girl has had the courage to wander around the globe chasing her dreams. I don’t regret the path I’ve chosen. However, if I had it to do over, I’d do it just a little bit differently with a lot more travel.

The People You Meet Series: #1

Today is my 23rd day in Paris. During my stay I’ve met a lot of interesting people from all over the world. And from each of them I’ve learned a little something. I originally started this as one piece but after five people it started to get a little long. And since I’ll likely continue meeting people, I’ve decided to make it a series of shorts, one about each person. Up first, the first person I met in Paris. Continue reading

J+B = Beyoncé Part III

ICYMI: Part I (J+B = Beyonce Part I) and Part II (J+B = Beyonce Part II)

Following the “Flawless” remix, Beyoncé performed “Yonce” before once again disappearing through the stage and being replaced by Jay-Z. The rest of the concert’s format was much the same with the couple alternating sets and sometimes appearing together on songs that feature one another. When the tour was first announced, there was a lot of speculation about who would open, how they would close, who would get more stage time and could it even work for their very different audiences? The couple, and their production team, managed to put together a show that was a perfect blend of the artists’ catalogues and hits.

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J+B = Beyoncé Part II

ICYMI Part I: http://wp.me/p3MPGw-7j

“Call me back, I need some more packs.” Those are the last words we hear from Beyoncé before “Move that Dope” by Future comes blaring from the speakers. As awful as this song is (and I do mean awful), I LOVE it! And much like the rest of the crowd I danced and sang along. After a few bars, the moment we’d all been waiting for arrived! Jay-Z and Beyoncé appeared on stage and, somewhat predictably, performed their hit, “Bonnie & Clyde.” The couple then went into a medley of their hits together including “Upgrade U,” and “Crazy in Love” before Beyoncé left the stage and we saw the first solo performance of the evening. Continue reading

J+B = Beyoncé Part I

(I started writing this piece last Saturday after attending the On the Run Tour on Friday, September 12th. I’d put it away after starting to work on something else. The concert aired on HBO last night and I awoke to virtually my entire Facebook timeline discussing it. So I decided to finish this piece. It’s a little long so I’ve split it into three parts already scheduled to be posted later today. Here you go . . .)

Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s “On the Run” concert stage features a prominent “J+B” logo. However, on the night of September 12th the Parisian audience in Stade de France clearly belonged to B! Continue reading

Travel Budget & the Budget Busters

If you know me then you know that I’m a tad bit obsessive when it comes to research and planning. I will spreadsheet something damn near to death. That’s just the way my little brain works. I need information laid out in a clear, concise format that allows me to dissect it in many ways to ensure that I fully understand it, all of it. The other thing I do

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