The People You Meet Series: #1

Today is my 23rd day in Paris. During my stay I’ve met a lot of interesting people from all over the world. And from each of them I’ve learned a little something. I originally started this as one piece but after five people it started to get a little long. And since I’ll likely continue meeting people, I’ve decided to make it a series of shorts, one about each person. Up first, the first person I met in Paris.

The first person I met and had a real conversation with here in Paris was a 63 year old woman from Argentina who has lived life! She’s exactly the kind of woman I said I wanted to be. When I graduated from collage a friend and I would always say “I don’t want to be an old lady with no stories to tell” meaning we didn’t want to live the kinds of lives that were so mundane that no one would want to hear about it. We wanted to go and see and do. I wanted to dream, explore and live! One of the best things about this woman is that you can see the life she’s lived on her face. She looks at least a decade younger than her 63 years and I would suspect it’s because she’s made her journey enjoyable. Like the rest of us, she’s had challenges but she’s taken them in stride and still managed to create a life that’s very much worth hearing about.