Paris Day 3: Jet Lag & Super Glue

I’ve never experienced jet lag like this before. I’ve felt sluggish and maybe found it a little difficult to get going in the morning but never anything like this. For the second day straight I’m just really getting going WELL after noon. But considering it’s 08:00 at home I’m still pretty much on schedule.

I suppose the difference is that when you’re on a normal vacation with limited time to see and do things, you just push through the exhaustion. You push through because you don’t want to miss anything or feel as though you’ve wasted money. After all, a trip to Europe from the States isn’t cheap so you want to feel like you’ve done as much as you could and seen as much as you could before getting on that return flight.

I suppose it’s this “extreme” jet lag that caused me to super glue my fingers together, my arm to my leg and my other arm to a scrap of paper. You see, I broke my backpack on the flight over. It’s minor damage so I figured I could fix it for 4.95€ instead of replacing it for more than 10 times that amount.

(Side note: Am I the only one who thinks 4.95€ (~$6.50) for 3g (~0.1 oz) is completely outrageous??)

While I had the wherewithal to use the glue’s packaging to protect the bag from getting stuck together, I apparently wasn’t nearly as careful when it came to protecting myself. Luckily I’d packed nail polish remover (I’m being cheap and doing my own pedis while I’m traveling) and was able to use it to get myself unstuck.

I guess I’ll stay in tonight and try to get my body adjusted to the new time zone. I’ll give the whole “early to rise” thing another try tomorrow.